A Brief Guide To The Cider Mill Day

Cider Mill works on a six day schedule.  Each day the students study math for a minimum of 45 minutes a day; Reading workshop for one hour; Writers workshop for 45 minutes and word study for 30 minutes.  Students study social studies every other day for 40 minutes,  science every other day for 40 minutes and foreign language every other day for 40 minutes.


Each day there is one 'Special' in the schedule.  Over 6 days each student, will have two 40 minute periods of gym, two 40 minute periods of  music, 1 period of  art and one of library.


Lunch and recess are 45 minutes long.  Lunch / recess begins at 10.45 for 5th grade.  11.30 for 3rd grade and 12.15 for 4th grade.


Homework expectations are 30 minutes per night in 3rd grade, 40 minutes in 4th grade and 50 minutes in 5th grade.  30 minutes of the weekly total should be used on the Type To Learn program.  In addition to this students are expected to complete 20 minutes of reading each day.



Each student will take general music which promotes the fundamental skills of singing, movement, listening, music literacy and music history, world cultures and composition.


Strings are offered in 3rd grade with a choice of violin or cello.  4th graders may take viola or bass or continue with violin or cello.


5th grade offers students the chance to learn a band instrument - trumpet, trombone, flute, clarinet or baratone horn.

Students experiment in clay, paint, print making, drawing, design, collage, ceramics
Foreign Language

French and Spanish are taught from 3rd grade. Each student has foreign language every other day.

3rd grade units of study are - All About me; Colors, numbers, alphabet; Animals and their habitats; Geography.

Physical Education
Gym occurs twice during each cycle.  Students enjoy mat-ball, juggling, soccer, basketball, noodle hockey, cooperative games, cider ball.
Students study the health science curriculum 'The Great Body Shop'


3rd Graders study units on the water Cycle, habitats, forests, grasslands, arctic / tundra, desert, ocean.


4th Graders study units on light, earth and other planets, sound and electricity.


5th Grade Units include landforms, fast plants and models and designs.



As well as visiting the library and checking out books, our students learn about becoming digital citizens -  how to harness new technology for learning and research purposes



Social studies is learned across disciplines using  multi-media based content.

3rd Graders study units on the constitution, geography, US regions and states, native Americans.

4th grade themes or units begin with early exploration and continue through colonization, the Revolutionary War and the formation of our government.

5th Grade continues with Westard Expansion, the Civil War and Immigration.









Renzulli Learning / Go Quest was introduced in 2015.  Based online, it prepares students for 21st century success based on differentiated instruction according to each student's interests.