These  events and goings on will need help during the first part of the school year.  If you are intereted in finding out more please contact the committee chair - their name and email address are listed below.


Library Volunteers

Our volunteers work an hour and a half shift in the library every week, or every two weeks.  They shelve the books ,check books out for the students and help students find books.  To find out more contact Jen Fila or Jackie Couch.


Walkathon Volunteers

Our annual fundraiser needs chaperones!


Book Fair

Can you help man the bookfair the week of Parent Teacher Conferences?  Opportunities for arranging the books, working the cash registers, helping parents to find books.  Work as little or as often as you would like.  Contact Eileen AllersSarah McCall or Melissa Pennucci for more information.

Turkey Trot

Cheering parents required for this pre-Thanksgiving event.  This is a fun event, parents provide water and help direct the children around the course as we raise money for the Wilton Food Pantry.  Please email Julie Fowler or Amanda Patania for more information.



PTA Committee Chairs Needed ~ We Need You!

The PTA is still in need of chairs for the important Committees listed below.

Book Fair Chairs (desperately needed) - We currently have no Book Fair chairs for the Fall/Spring events. Do you like reading? Does your child like reading? Grab some friends and come help out so these events can run.

Nominating - Most of the work has been done for this school year. Easy position to complete from home.

3rd/4th Grade Fun Nights -3rd and 4th grade fun nights are being changed this year so it's mainly co-ordinating some volunteers on the night. 5th Grade parents - your child has been looking forward to this for 2 years, we need a couple of you to help out to run this night!

3rd Grade Great Books - This is a lunchtime reading group, we need a 3rd Grade parent to help organize volunteers and take part in this program.

Turnover Shop - They donate a huge amount of money to your school's PTA (last year $45,000). The commitment is only 3 1/2 hours, once a month.

Art Department Representative - we need a second co-chair to help organize Pizza/Paint Night and help the Art Dept in general.



We love our volunteers and are so thankful for the time, expertise and commitment that they offer to our school community.  If you are interested in any of the below volunteer opportunities, please click HERE for the contact information of each Committee Chairperson.

If you are ready to take your volunteering to the next level, how about chairing a committee?   In March of last school year, the Chairperson of our Nomination Committee began recruiting for volunteers.  However, there are still a few positions that require a Chairperson (see below).  If you are interested in any of the committee chair openings below, Please contact Amanda Patania, or Carolyn Lyon.

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